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UK visa staff hired out by Home Office to hunt migrants

The Home Office has been slammed for hiring out the services of UK Visa and Immigration personnel to hunt migrants and escalating the government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy.


Russia visa available through VFS Global in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai

Residents of India can now apply for visas to Russia at VFS Global Visa Application Centres (VACs) opened for the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The new centres will cater to the growing needs of outbound travellers to Russia, and increase accessibility to, and convenience of, visa services.


Thailand Launches E-Visa On Arrival To Attract Tourists

An early application online, at least 24 hours before arrival at the kingdom to at most 30 days before arrival, will dramatically shorten the immigration process to one minute.


Majority of Canadians continue to see immigration in a positive light

A majority of Canadians continue to hold a positive attitude toward immigration despite the increasing politicization of the issue, a new opinion survey shows.


Federal judge blocks Trump’s new asylum rules

A federal judge in San Francisco blocked new rules put into place by President Donald Trump that limit the ability of immigrants to request asylum, a legal blow to the administration’s efforts to curb legal immigration


Democrats’ illegal immigration tune has changed over years despite incoming caravan

President Trump used his predecessor’s own words against him when he quoted President Obama’s forceful 2005 opposition to illegal immigration,


IT Firms Sue US Immigration Agency For Issuing Shorter-Duration H-1B Visas

WASHINGTON: An IT advocacy group representing more than 1,000 small IT companies mostly run by Indian-Americans has filed a lawsuit against the US immigration agency for issuing H-1B visas for shorter than three years durations.


Green Card May Be Denied Under A New US Proposal That Could Hit Indians

The Trump administration may deny green cards to immigrants who have availed or may avail government benefits including food and cash assistance under new rules which could negatively affect hundreds of thousands of Indians living in the US.